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SSA Cert Verification

To verify a SSA authenticated item, Click the Verify Now button below:

When you see a listing of an item represented as having been authenticated by SSAuthenticatos, you can verify whether the item matches an item SSA actually authenticated by clicking on the Verify Now button, and this will take you to your unique certification number assigned to the specific item that is certified by SSAuthenticators. This number can be found on the item's Certificate of Authenticity as well as the tamper-evident label affixed to the item itself. You will be presented with the item's authentication description, location and a photo of the item if there is one available.

SSA is providing access to its database for the sole purpose of assisting in the confirmation of data regarding items being represented as having been authenticated by SSauthenticators.comSSA does not view authenticated items offered for sale in any venue and does not warrant or guarantee that any such authenticated item is, in fact, a genuine SSA authenticated item. Moreover, SSAuthenticators disclaims any warranty, express or implied, with respect to the accuracy of the information provided herein, or with respect to any damages you may incur based upon your reliance on such information.

SSAuthenticator's trademarks, including the SSA icon, are the property of, Inc. All other use is strictly prohibited.

SSA Cert Verification

SSAuthenticators We at are proud to be 100% sure that every item we have certified or comes already certified is re-checked and we sell are genuine collectibles. So authenticity is key to buying a genuine investment. We went about setting up our site to ensure that people know what they are buying. We are not an internet only company and we are happy for people to view our items on our premises. We are a registered company and offer a full 100% refund if any of our items are ever proved otherwise.

"The SSA certification sticker tells you it's been fully inspected, so you never look ridiculous."

Sure, we inspect memorabilia for a living, but when you collectors want something that's well beyond the third party inspection phase. That's why you want to go with SSA. We have done hundreds of in person signings ourselfs. So there are no kinks and no unintended mistakes in our evaluation of the piece. Which given my line of work, is something you can really appreciate.

In-The-Presence Authentication
SSAuthenticators offers a special autograph authentication service where our representatives are present during signings. It is the highest form of authentication since the items do not require expert opinion; the autographs are absolutely guaranteed. This service is available to dealers and show promoters who perform private or public signings. It is also available to collectors who attend conventions where we offer the service in the autograph pavilion. The certificate of authenticity (COA) differs slightly from the regular SSA, COA since the autograph was signed in the presence of our staff. Contact us to set up an appointment to do a private signing or just to authenticate your items.

The Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards An Evening of Recognizing Greatness (CLICK ON PHOTO ABOVE)

Problem with Autograph Authentication

As recently as the late 1990's, it is estimated that between 50% and 90% of all collectibles in the marketplace are not authentic. Everyone that cares about the hobby agrees that something must be done. And most think that autograph authentication – paying a third party company to certify that an autograph is real - is a logical solution that benefits everyone involved and eliminates counterfeiting.

Some collectors and dealers and sellers strongly disagree with that statement. He sold a Muhammad Ali fully signed in person and certified by Ali's company on eBay. The buyer sent it to be authenticated by XXX and, upon not receiving authentication, demanded a refund. My friend stood his ground and denied this request.

In my opinion this was the right move – the autograph is real and he cannot set the precedent of letting XXX (Third Party Authentication) dictate his sales. No business owner wants to have to make a decision that will result in an unsatisfied customer, but what was he supposed to do? Give the customer a refund on a perfectly good item because it’s another company’s opinion that the item is fake? That would be even worse for his reputation than an unsatisfied customer! It seems that as collectors we have given authentication companies far too much control over the hobby.

Authentication in Auctions:

SSAuthenticators does not fool around when it comes to authenticating our product or yours. We do not print out COA's on the computer and we do not offer expired auction letters (or copies of them) from XXX or YYY. This is against both companies policies and is unethical. Please do not be fooled by thoses that provide copies of these letters as authentication. They are all over ebay. Yes, maybe a representative looked at a small portion of the lot and deemed the whole thing to be O.K to auction. That is the best case scenario and you end up with an autograph that has absolutely NO authentication whatsoever. Not advocation that any of these are or are not authentic, and you may get a good autograph that may pass XXX or YYY, but the facts are that the authentication is all for not. SSAuthenticators provides REAL authentication on our products. We pay a lot of money to go the extra mile to authenticate so that the item you are getting is as authentic as any in the hobby. Once in a great while a lower end signature may not be cost-effective to spend the money to authenticate. In those rare cases we just do our very best to be sure and claim the piece to be 100% authentic. We do not claim to have a photo of the celebrity signing the item as some sort of proof. That is a well known trick that should be avoided if you are not familiar with the seller. We are always happy to answer any questions about the authenticity of the signatures that we take great pride in bringing to you. If you buy from us, or our sister company, you can be sure the authenticity will NEVER be in question!

Autograph Authentication Kills Small Businesses

Consider my friends business for a second – either he himself or one of his associates obtains each and every autograph that he sells in person. He produces a certificate of authenticity that states the date and location of the signing. In today’s industry, this simply isn’t good enough. How is an entrepreneur who wants to form a legitimate autograph business supposed to start out? YYY is making it virtually impossible for these businesses to get their foot off the ground. When they do start to establish their business, one false positive can ruin their reputation. My friend will have no way of knowing how bad his name has been ruined by this customer who thinks he purchased a fake item.

Autograph Authentication Gives PSA, Steiner Sports, and Upper Deck Too Much Control

I certainly hope that it is not YYY’s intention to crush small businesses, but the fact that they have the power to do so disturbs me a great deal. Everyone should realize that all YYY is doing is giving their OPINION as to the validity of the autograph. YYY states this on their website in the FAQ section :

Q: Do you guarantee that the autographs you certify are genuine and those you do not are fake?
A: No. We do not guarantee autographs under the Vintage Certified program. By using this program, you are paying for the opinion of the top experts in the world, using state-of-the-art examination tools and techniques.

The problem with this is that most people don’t treat it like an opinion. For one reason or another people are mislead to treat it like it is fact. And by doing this they give YYY power that they shouldn’t have. Their findings are treated as definitive – if YYY says it’s real then it is real. If YYY says it’s fake then it is fake. It behooves them as a business to scare consumers into believing in their service. We have to ask ourselves the question: is this good for our hobby?

Autograph Authentication Means Higher Prices for Collectors

Along the same lines, exclusive autograph companies like Steiner Sports and Upper Deck benefit by scaring collectors. By making collectors think that everything that is not exclusive to them is not real, collectors are scared into paying outrageously high prices for their memorabilia and taught that anything reasonably priced is fake. This is just simply not true.

So What Should You Do?

My Recommendationget your autographs yourself. It will give you the most satisfaction and there will never be a question of authenticity. However, if you must purchase an autograph, research the signature you are looking for, research the company you are buying from, and find a seller that you trust is selling you something authentic. If in doing this you decide to pay YYY for their opinion, keep in mind that is what you are getting - an opinion. A totally Independent Choice for Sports memorabilia Authentication, Pricing, Selling, and more...

SSAuthenticators is an independent collectibles website dedicated to giving you free access to valuable information and tools that enhance your collecting experience. Our Guide Tool, Collector's recommendations, Selling platform, and other offereings were created by collectors with other collectors in mind.

  • Independent - we're not in bed with the other companies. We don't accept anything for breaks, and we don't accept their ads. In turn, we don't artificially inflate the value of their products, nor do we push their products on you. We've been around since 1997 and we haven't partnered with any price guides or any card manufacturers and we don't plan on doing so anytime soon.
  • Transparent want to know how we make money? Sure, we're happy to tell you. We make money on premium pieces that are sold and withnessed in person by us or we obtain from sellers and dealers and auction houses that we trust, advertisements, and other partnerships. Everything is disclosed and completely out in the open. You'll never wonder if we're advising you to buy a collectible because the manufacturer is slipping us free product behind the scenes. Try getting another company to tell you that!
  • Objective since we're independent and transparent, you won't be questioning our motives. Besides, we always give you everything you need to decide for yourself - we don't just give you a price or a fact without backing it up with hard evidence. We let you see how your Piece signed in person or let you in on where it was obtained and from dealers and sellers and Auctions we trust, and from specific third party's we trust on how they determined something is real. All of our collectors always link to relevant sources. You're never left in the dark.
  • Simple - web savvy or brand new to the net, young or old, new collector or experienced collector. We developed our site so that everyone will be able to find value in our offerings without being confused or frustrated. PLEASE contact us if you don't agree – we want to make sure you can always find what you're looking for.
  • Current our personal Staff and myself scan the web for what's on sale the second you execute a search. Our Voice connects users to the latest articles published every single day. Try finding that in a print magazine.

We encourage you to contact us with questions, feedback, suggestions for improvement, or any other reason. We promise you'll get a real reply, from a real person who really cares, usually in less than a day (even on weekends).

Let Us Help You: Our friendly staff are available to help you find what you are looking for if you do not see it on our pages. Call us - our Staff can help you find your next piece, or gift idea! From Our Store


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