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Autographs, like fingerprints, are singularly unique to each of us. An autograph leaves a distinct set of characteristics which, when identified, can almost always accurately identify its origin.

At SSAuthentcators we believe performing an extensive examination of a person's unique autograph and examine all the characteristics and will show you how to apply this when viewing questioned autographs.

The first thing to remember is that autographs can vary widely, depending on the time, place and environment in which they were signed. Mechanical problems associated with age and illness may have caused a person's autograph to change quite dramatically, and the type of medium that was used may also effect the formation and angle of letters in an autograph. In fact, it's rare that two autographs will appear identical, even when they originate from the same person. Despite these variations, certain underlying characteristics remain constant when a series of genuine samples is examined. Once you are aware of these characteristics you will be able to make a more educated assessment of an autograph's authenticity and, therefore, a more intelligent purchasing decision. A totally Independent Choice for Sports memorabilia Authentication, Pricing, Selling, and more...

SSAuthenticators is an independent collectibles website dedicated to giving you free access to valuable information and tools that enhance your collecting experience. Our Guide Tool, Collector's recommendations, Selling platform, and other offereings were created by collectors with other collectors in mind.

  • Independent - we're not in bed with the other companies. We don't accept anything for breaks, and we don't accept their ads. In turn, we don't artificially inflate the value of their products, nor do we push their products on you. We've been around since 1997 and we haven't partnered with any price guides or any card manufacturers and we don't plan on doing so anytime soon.
  • Transparent want to know how we make money? Sure, we're happy to tell you. We make money on premium pieces that are sold and withnessed in person by us or we obtain from sellers and dealers and auction houses that we trust, advertisements, and other partnerships. Everything is disclosed and completely out in the open. You'll never wonder if we're advising you to buy a collectible because the manufacturer is slipping us free product behind the scenes. Try getting another company to tell you that!
  • Objective since we're independent and transparent, you won't be questioning our motives. Besides, we always give you everything you need to decide for yourself - we don't just give you a price or a fact without backing it up with hard evidence. We let you see how your Piece signed in person or let you in on where it was obtained and from dealers and sellers and Auctions we trust, and from specific third party's we trust on how they determined something is real. All of our collectors always link to relevant sources. You're never left in the dark.
  • Simple - web savvy or brand new to the net, young or old, new collector or experienced collector. We developed our site so that everyone will be able to find value in our offerings without being confused or frustrated. PLEASE contact us if you don't agree – we want to make sure you can always find what you're looking for.
  • Current our personal Staff and myself scan the web for what's on sale the second you execute a search. Our Voice connects users to the latest articles published every single day. Try finding that in a print magazine.

We encourage you to contact us with questions, feedback, suggestions for improvement, or any other reason. We promise you'll get a real reply, from a real person who really cares, usually in less than a day (even on weekends).

Online Authentics was set-up by Ali's agent to combat the number of forgeries. Each and every item authenticated by them comes with a unique number which can be typed in on their database, which will then bring up a photo of the item involved and provide where and when the item was signed. This is the best way to guarantee the autograph you are buying is 100% genuine.
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